ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)

PhotographerMarzena Kolarz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCracow, Poland
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoWet Plate Collodion
Entry Description

My series is about leukemia, but is in a very subjective and personal way. When my daughter was 3 year old fell ill on this disease. During this time, illness, hospital, treatment, nuisance and anxieties become common place our family. This series is something a kind of catharsis, an attempt to close emotions and experiences in pictures. I made these in wet plate collodion. I see a strong relationship this technique with medicine (after all kolodion was formerly used in medicine for wound care). That purity which you need to keep, almost sterile and careful bring my memory how we took care of our daughter. Next reason to use this technique is the color black, which in my culture is associated with death and mourning. But the most important reason for choosing this technique is prone to errors. For me the heavy disease in childhood is mistake (error).

About Photographer

Born in Cracow, in 1979, Poland. EDUCATION: From 2015 (still) Pedagogical University of Cracow, Faculty of Art, The third-cycle degree studies (Ph.D.) 2005-2007 The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan Multimedia Communication Department Complementary Master of Art degree Studies – Photography Diplomas in: Advertising Photography Study and Intermedia Photography Study With honorable mention finish 2002-2005 The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan Multimedia Communication Department Extramural Department of Photography Diploma in Classical Themes of Photography Study