PhotographerWioletta Sędłak
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWarsaw, Poland
Photo DateMarch 2015
Technical InfoCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Entry Description

Happyland - name does not come from the English word "Happiness", but rather from the word "Hapilan" from the Filipino native dialect and meaning landfill, stinking garbage. In a small fishing village about 10 km from the center of Manila, the Philippine government built temporary buildings for poor people gathering and segregating trash. Without government support, in about two decades, temporary buildings have turned into ruins and have become a permanent place of living for hundreds of people. Among garbage, stench, are born, live and die people. Pictures were taken in Happyland, Philippines, 2015r.

About Photographer

Wioletta Sedlak, Letta Sed (1977) is graduated Chemistry at the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She has been interested in photography since 2012 when she decided to find something different from work - the ?corporate? life. In 2012, she began studying at the Warsaw School of Photography, which gave her the opportunity to express herself through both creation, visual art and experimental photography, as well as helped her developing in the reportage and documentary photography.