solitude in the city

PhotographerHYUNWOO KIM
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGoyang-si,, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoLeica camera M
Entry Description

These photos focus on the solitude facing society today. One day I suddenly felt a sense of analogue, looking at the steam of New York. So I looked at New York with a new perspective and I caught sight of people passing over water steam in the street. And at that moment, I got the loneliness of the city with my inspiration. I can emphasize that more solitude through facial expressions and movements of people who walking in the smoke. Although I am not living in New York, I have found New York many times, so I could see New York with a new perspective. I was able to make a photo essay about this loneliness too. Finally, I continue to ask myself these questions. Why do urban people loneliness? Although loneliness is often defined as an ostracized by others, The loneliness of urban life is a distancing from other people rather than being bullied. I think the loneliness of urban life is the nostalgia for the hometown and the distance of relationship with others.

About Photographer

I was born in Korea, in 1981, and currently lives in Seoul working as documentary & street photographer and as art director in advertising.  also as a leica Korea M10 ambassador. I'm working on a documentary I especially like street photos. because I found my identity through street photography, and I will continue to do so.