Sekar : The Incredible Journey of HIV Survivor from India

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City/CountryAbu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
Photo DateMarch 2017
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Hold on! Don't give up! You can still live a good life! Having HIV is not the end -- having no hope is” In 1992, B Sekar was a 27-year-old athlete in Chennai, a graduate in history, looking forward to a career as a policeman. He had cleared the fitness test to join the police when a medical test dashed his hopes. He tested positive for the AIDS virus. Until he got his HIV +ve diagnosis, he did not know that gay individuals were vulnerable to the AIDS virus. He fell into bouts of depression. My family threw me out of the house,” he says. “My mother remained close to me but and the rest of the family felt let down and until now my family members treat me as a dirt. Confronted with an existential crisis, Sekar chose not to give in to the ostracism but talk about HIV. Sekar narrated his story to public through many NGO organisation and say that Dying Young because of AIDS. Later, SWAM founded by Sekar, the first activist to come out as HIV positive and gay in India, SWAM runs support groups and serves as a drop-in centre for MSM, gay, bisexual, and HIV positive men In particular, SWAM’s primary goal is to advocate safe sex, use of condoms and human rights issues to the MSM members of society. Sekar was not detterred by all this and determined to go about with his propaganda A second carelessness could ruin life. He tell his audience, love and affection need to the victim. He also attended several AIDS awareness programme around the world, how thy successfully introduced safer sex in the gay circuit. Sekar had various male sexual partners, but none bring him a stable relationship or a feeling of comfort. His current and last partner in life is George. George is an auto driver, supported Sekar in his time of need. Currently Sekar is treating for Second-line antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and lost his eye sight and memory due to medication , unable to take proper intake also, struggling and counting his days..