Whispering Dance

PhotographerSreesha Belakvaadi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBangalore, India
Photo Date25th Feb 2016
Technical Info1/2000, f/14, ISO 1600
Entry Description

It is always a pleasure to see Oriental White Eyes go ecstatic, especially in areas of wilderness. This was a captivating moment whence two of them were fluttering, dancing and somersaulting in air; what more, they had a spectator watching too. Glad I could get a crisp freeze in between those celebratory moments! Shot on the outskirts of Bangalore, India.

About Photographer

Sreesha Belakvaadi comes from close to two decades of Photography experience. Sreesha's photographic work has been published in national and international circuits (both web-based and live publications), including the BBC WILDLIFE Magazine. Sreesha has won numerous competitive awards (both at national and international levels) including the distinguished prestigious DAILY DOZEN honor from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Sreesha specializes in a variety of photographic subjects viz. Birding, Landscapes, Astrophotography, Candid, Street and Culture, and has exhibited his works across various forums including ones hosted by celebrated photographers such as T.N.A Perumal and Anand Saran organized by Bangalore School of Arts and Photography. Besides Photography, Sreesha is an avid writer and filmmaker; he has authored a book SHOONYA on philosophy and metaphysics. Sreesha's short film KING AND THE PAWN was screened as part of Millennium Film Festival in New York, where he underwent professional training in Super 8mm Filmmaking. Sreesha Belakvaadi is currently making a Kannada feature film MOJO, which is in post production.