Fire waterfalls in Yosemitte valley

PhotographerJeongrae Cho
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryISSAQUAH, United States
Photo DateFeb. 13, 2016
Technical InfoSony Nex-7
Entry Description

This is the horsetail waterfalls at Yosemite national park has a nick name, fire waterfalls, as it is glowing in the certain circumstance in Feb. The falls is hanging on the El-capitan cliff in Spring only and you can't see it after summer. It took 17 hours to reach in the valley. The longest driving in my life to witness this phenomenon. I saw that wind is blowing up in the waterfalls and it made water splash!. That was the perfect time to shot as splashing waters made neon colors all around waterfalls with the shape of heart.