Portraits in depth

PhotographerDave Andrie Orquia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBaguio City, Philippines
Photo DateDECEMBER 2012
Technical InfoFujifilm S5pro
Entry Description

Photographs of the most indigenous tribes of the highlands in the Philippines. My collection of images for the people that inspired me the most. it conveys the oldest people with tattoos in my once in a lifetime experience. With the help of some, I came up with photographs that gave them the littlest identity possible but i was not expecting photographs that will show something special and not worth sharing to everybody until now. These photographs are my vision, my treasures of the past. Every portrait has its own meaning to my career as a lensman. My eyes became more aware ever since. Now, i can say photography is my life. The portrait assignment was unfinished because of lack of support and exposure. Even though negativity is always on the way, the photos will still be shown to everyone in the mainstream because photography is for everybody that cares...