Children in Refugee Camp

PhotographerXIAO GU
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNEW YORK, United States
Entry Description

As the world’s largest refugee camp complex in Kenya, Dadaab hosts more than 300,000 refugees, most of whom are victims of the Somali Civil War. In this densely populated area without electricity or running tap water, refugees typically live in tents made of plastic sheeting. Nearly half of the children were not enrolled in school, volunteers would take a role as teachers, teaching them some basic words. For most children, lunch is just a cup of flour-made gruel since UNWFP has to cut food rations due to a funding shortage. Flies could be found everywhere; Child death rate is very high due to malnutrition and lack of sanitation. However, the harsh conditions and environment cannot block the innocence shining through from the children's eyes as they combat with the adversities and continue to survive and strive.

About Photographer

Born in Beijing and spent her childhood and teen years in various places including Tibet, Szechuan and Yunnan, Xiao “Freya” Gu is a volunteer, traveler and photographer currently based in New York. Early experience of diverse cultures and exposure to different communities unleashed her fascination for human and nature. She is passionate about observing and connecting the world through travelling and volunteering. She has traveled to all 7 continents and has been a dedicated volunteer since she was 15. She takes her lenses to capture precious moments, when she sees true beauty and dignity in human as well as the wilderness in nature.