PhotographerDamien Berney
PrizeHonorable Mention

What the wait nowadays? We live at present in a society where we do not take time any more. The consumption gives rhythm to our everyday life and our desire to acquire new goods in quantities always more important, grows day to day. Everything, at once, such is the slogan of the XXIth century! At the same time, the physical solitude is not any more dreaded because we are constantly connected to the rest of the world via the social networks, the RSS feeds or other modes of virtual conversations. So, the wait became a state which it is necessary to fill and to avoid at all costs! That is why I decided by this work, to highlight this state of wait literally by immersing my models in the water. Once the person was under water, I have to wait till the water was as steady as possible, this forces them to wait; wait that the flash starts or to wait to be at the end of oxygen, unless nothing can occupy them. The people are on their own, without escape, creating a feeling of anxiety and solitude.