Urban Surf

PhotographerGruet Florian
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySospel, France
Photo Date20/12/2016
Technical Info1/250s f4,5 ISO 200
Entry Description

I shot this photo during a surf session at the frontier of Monaco, a storm hit the Cote d'Azur during 3 days, i spend lot of time in the water to take photo of the surf scene of the coast.

About Photographer

Florian, Roquebrune Cap Martin, France My passion for the ocean started at the age of 15, when I started spending a lot of time in the water, I learned to know the currents, waves and dangers of aquatic environment. Since this passion has never left me even if there have been "breaks" due to the geographical situation or for personal reasons, never completely forget. Then a few years ago I took the picture, I began by taking everything that appeared to me, Macro-photography, landscape, street through the film. I wanted to specialize without ever being able to stop on a particular subject until the day I bought a waterproof case to take my camera into the water, and there it was a revelation , I had gathered the two passions which animate me to the highest point, the sea and the photography. Taking water from every angle has become an obsession, the various liquid sculptures it is able to generate thanks to wind, movement and light excite me, even sometimes obsesses me, I am able to stay hours in Water or the water's edge, trying to bring out a shape or an atmosphere. At the very moment that I write his lines I already think of what I will be able to take a picture just now, in the water, where everything is beautiful.