Bridging the Gap

PhotographerKevin Boone
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryEl Paso, United States
Photo Date4/14/2017
Technical InfoSony A6000
Entry Description

I had spent the entire day before this photo attempting to learn Maasai from our hosts in Iringa, Tanzania. As we sat around a fire that night, they used the words they'd taught me to ask about our families. My companion, Jon, pulled out his cell phone, and showed them photos of home. They had never even held an Iphone; this was a magic trick for them. Mesmerized, they crowded around him. Using the "night portrait" setting on my camera and balancing it on my knee in place of a tripod, I snapped this photo without even looking through the lens. In my opinion, it perfectly captures a moment that bridged the gap between cultures; photography is the universal language.