PhotographerRiya Sharma
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKALOL, India
Photo Date13/ APRIL/ 2017
Entry Description

A solitary elephant is showered by Galaxy light in a magnificent star sky at Kalol, (N.G.) Gujarat, India.

About Photographer

The images created by Professional freelance travel and street photographer Riya Sharma feature strong graphic imagery accentuated by vibrant colors and a profound expressionistic bent. There is a simplicity to Sharma’s photographs, a singularity of focus that is transformed into something quite beautiful before the viewers' eyes. Above all, Riya’s art is driven by a desire to forge connection between viewer and subject, to delve into the layers of emotive significance and symbolic meaning captured in the image, and bridge new levels of understanding. Riya Sharma Lives and Work in Kalol (N.G.) DIST. GANDHINAGAR, GUJARAT, INDIA. She holds professional press card from the NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY and is an official photographer for their PhotoWorld Magazine.RIYA SHARMA FEATURED IN MANY INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER AND MEDIA FOR HER ART AND ACHIEVEMENTS.Riya Sharma was a nominee in ASIAN AWARDS 2016 For outstanding achievements in the field of ARTS in ART CATEGORY. Riya Sharma Ranked in TOP 25 Photographers as Popular Photographer of 2015 in ViewBug. Riya Sharma is also selected as VIP MEMBER of LUCIE FOUNDATION & IPA. RIYA SHARMA AS A FIRST INDIAN REPRESENTED COUNTRY INDIA IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WITH HER PHOTOGRAPHY.