9 square meters

PhotographerMaurice Ressel
Prize1st Place in Editorial / Other_ED
CompanyMaurice Ressel Photography
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date26.04.2016
Entry Description

“You sit in your prison cell in 40°C and every day repeats itself until you go mad. The only thing we can do about it is sing or play cards” says Sofia, one of six women who share a cell of only 9 square metres. Aline, Jäty, Jhais, Han, Sofia and Madya are being held indefinitely for violent offenses and drug dealing in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. They say, there is no warrant or judicial order for any of them. This is common practice and causes severe tensions between inmates and guards. Every year hundreds of inmates die during violent contentions in Brazilian prisons.

About Photographer

Maurice Ressel is a freelance photo- and videographer based in Berlin. He completed his classical education as an advertising photographer. After spending several months as a volunteer and photographer in Afghanistan in 2010, he decided to direct his professional focus to working with non-governmental organisations. Since then, he has mainly been working for aid organisations abroad, producing photo reports in conflict areas. With his reports and videos, he aims to support the important work being done by NGOs and to call attention to precarious living conditions worldwide.