I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath

PhotographerAgathe Rousselle
Prize3rd Place in Book / Other_B
Companyceiba editions
City/CountrySiena, Italy
Photo Date2016
Technical Infosoftcover, unbound, offset
Entry Description

In the spring of 2016 a friend of mine asked if a girl named Agathe could stay with me for a few nights while she visited the Bay Area from Paris. Unbeknownst to me Agathe had booked the ticket on a whim amidst a nervous break down, without knowing anything about San Francisco or anyone who lived there. She ended up staying with me for two weeks. Seeing Agathe revitalized by San Francisco reminded me of how special it is and her photos encapsulate how we oscillated between exhibitionism and intimacy. I Ditched Class and I Took a Bath is not just a documentation of a vacation, it’s Agathe’s own personal exploration of a new landscape, a look toward new relationships and a chance for her to abandon the disillusionment that haunted her before she arrived to San Francisco and at the same time getting out of depression and anxiety.