A Moment Of Solitary

PhotographerEdas Wong
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date2014 to 2017
Entry Description

A week before 2013's Christmas, I decided moving whole family back to HK from Stockholm, where I & my wife had lived 10 years, once I got my wife health report. Next day we had already arrived HK with 2 suitcases + a tone of ignorant. I grew up in HK and love it; however, I had had no alternative to escape from it due to high work pressure. It led me to have mental issue, etc. When I decided to return HK, I foresee to face the same pressure again but also new pressure from my wife health status. After backing HK half year, I realize anxiety disorders attack me again. To save myself, I use a simple method: break at a silent place to exhaust the pressures. This series records how Hongkongese struggle with pressure at "A Moment Of Solitary", like me.