Nature Tech

PhotographerRebecca Levisman
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRaananaa, Israel
Photo Date21 March 2016
Entry Description

Plants typically depend on other forces to disperse their seeds – wind, water or animals. The stork’s bill (scientific name: Erodium) takes things into its own hands, so to speak. This amazing plant uses its ballistic, arrow-like shape to transport its seed for a distance. The seed then responds to moist ground conditions and uses its arrow-shape to drill itself into the ground, using curling and twisting motions. The Stork’s Bill is native to the Mediterranean. As children wandering the fields in Israel we used to stick the seed on our shirt and watch it curl. I shot this specific seed after it landed on the ground in an open field near Ra’anana, a town 10km north of Tel Aviv.