Tancho - Japanese crane

PhotographerEriko Kaniwa
Prize3rd Place in Nature / Wildlife
City/CountryTokyo, Japan
Photo DateJan. 2016
Technical InfoNikon D810
Entry Description

Kushiro, Hokkaido. The vision of Japanese cranes stretching their wings in a field of snow, the red on the crowns of their heads reinforcing the thought of them as a manifestation of Japan, is breathtakingly beautiful. In the bitter -20°C cold of early morning, they stand silent and still on the river, filling the depths of my heart with the beautiful, fleeting strength of life. How much of this wildness do we humans have left? Shutting myself up alone in my workroom to finish a project, I think about this question, and feel as if I have turned into the crane-maiden weaving her cloth as like the Japanese folklore "The Crane’s Gratitude"

About Photographer

Self taught photographic fine artist. Eriko Kaniwa is an international award winning fine art photographer based in Tokyo, and the creator of the Sensegraphia Fine Art Photography. Sensegraphia is a conceptual redefinition of photography, in which the visual aesthetics of the photograph are used to develop and express a sense of nature that enables us to recognize that humans are a part of nature and that we are centrally involved, both consciously and subconsciously, in nature's dynamics. Kaniwa spent a year and a half exploring the symbols of Japanese nature worship, which are exemplified