berlin flat white

PhotographerMartin U Waltz
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMartin U Waltz Photography
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date2016/2017
Entry Description

berlin flat white is a photographic exploration of the government district of Berlin. berlin flat white is an essay on impermanence: both change the building and the people. sometimes the change is subtle sometimes it is drastic. The humans walk along this rather surreal object. The human element is both insignificant in size and at the same untouched by the rather monumental building. berlin flat white challenges the standard approach to architecture photography by not trying to create a 3 dimensional space where there is none. berlin flat white is deeply humanistic by maintaining the human figure as the only valid reference and by abstaining from glorification of empty architectural esthetics.

About Photographer

Martin U Waltz is an art and commercial photographer. Martin has won numerous international photography awards. His work has been shown recently at group and solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Dublin, London, Rome, Bucharest and Berlin. Over 200,000 people follow Martin on social media. Martin’s essays on photography are published on major photography blogs like Petapixel, The Phoblographer or Digitalrev. He is a founding member of the berlin1020 photography collective. Martin lives in Berlin, Germany.