PhotographerAngel Garcia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCorbera de Llobregat, Spain
Photo Date2015-2017
Technical InfoCanon 5D MarkIII-35mm
Entry Description

In Barcelona’s expanding tourist economy, street vendors are the targets of racist demagoguery. This project depicts the dignity and struggles of a street vendors’ union. This project depicts the dignity and struggles of a street vendors’ union. Intermittently throughout the day, Barcelona’s tourist areas are temporarily occupied by street vendors. West-African people stand behind knockoff football jerseys and D&G handbags, Bangladeshis next to umbrellas covered in shiny earrings. The Blanket Project documents their struggle. By working with the Popular Union of Street Vendors and the community organisations, the project counters a near-constant stream of misinformation and unconfirmed reports that are uncritically reproduced in both political discourses and mainstream media accounts of the street vendors’ lives and work.

About Photographer

Angel Garcia is university degree in Photography from IEFC, Barcelona. Since 2001, he works in the audiovisual world. In 2007, he moves to Cambodia where he will do a more personal photographic job that includes the reports, "Good luck for you, every day" (2007-08), "The Family" (2008) and “Cambodia for Sale” (2009), Santa Bárbara, bendita (2012). As a photographer, he has presented various national and international exhibitions and screenings; In 2008 the screening at International Photojournalism Festival Visa Off-Visa pour l'Image, and in 2009 at the PhotoPhnomPenh Festival, Photography and Journalism Whorkshop of Albarracín and Festival of Photojournalism TRAFIC. In 2009 the exhibition at masART Gallery, Barcelona, in 2010 at Dr. Nopo Gallery, Valencia and 2012 inValid Foto BCN. He has published in various mass media. He receives the first grant CLIC for young photojournalists of Catalonia (2007), the grant of the Photography and Journalism Whorkshop of Albarracín, Spain (2008) and the grant from the Foundation of the National Council of Culture and Arts of the Generalitat of Catalonia (2009).