PhotographerHelen Criales
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySavannah, United States
Entry Description

Ella is a series of self-portraits exploring identity and the women’s experience. Throughout the series I assume two roles; myself and my mother Mercedes, and I examine our mother-daughter relationship and how my mother’s experiences and identity affect my own sense of self. My intention is to breakdown the boundaries between self and other, identifying distinct differences and emphasizing similarities between myself and my mother in our experiences as women. Taking a directorial approach, I re-create Mercedes’ memories of experiences as a young woman, wife, and mother, strengthening the narrative with gender specific and sentimental objects to stage photographs with layers of symbolism. Each photograph is composed within the camera’s frame and captured without posing before a mirror, reducing the tendency to solely think about myself in the image making process. The series ranges from formal to environmental self-portraiture giving the series a vernacular feel of a private visual diary.