Zero Defect Society

PhotographerHANJONG YOON
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySEONGNAM, Korea, Republic of
Photo DateAug 2016 ~ March 2017
Technical InfoIndustrial Camera, Software
Entry Description

Most people think that a life without mistakes or failure is a flawless life. It is because they think that their lives would fall into despair with a single mistake. However, all lives are made of mistakes and failures which are unnoticeable to others. This is relatable to how electronic parts that look flawless show rough and bumpy surface when magnified. Small-sized chips that are 1.6mm ~ 4mm long are used as Object. Each of them has a unique function in an electronic device, but they look trivial and unimportant alone. This is similar to how individuals are easily overlooked and underestimated despite each of them has different goals and unique roles in society. The series “Zero Defect Society” is a work expressing the artist’s everyday realization: The essence of life consists of mistakes and failures. And this series use industrial camera, lenses, illumination and image piecing together software.