Forget-Me-Not Lenticular

PhotographerBarbara Cole
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyBarbara Cole Photography
City/CountryToronto, Canada
Photo DateJune 2016
Technical Info6 Frame Animated Lenticular
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Entry Description

is a multi-step process consisting of at least two existing images in combination with a Lenticular Lens. This process can be used to show a set images which may appear to transform into each other as the viewer walks past. Once the various images are collected, they are flattened into individual, frame files, and then digitally combined into a single final file in a process called interlacing. From there the interlaced image is printed and cold laminated directly to the back of the Lenticular Lens. I used this technique to create a woman turning into a flower for my June exhibition Falling Through Time.

About Photographer

Barbara Cole is a self-taught photographic artist who has built an extraordinary career in image making since beginning her practice in the 1980s. She is best known for her still images underwater, as well as her lenticulars. Lenticulars are images made by interlacing a sequence of photographs to match optical lenses, creating a kinetic image, which appears to transform based on the position of the viewer. Cole's work has been exhibited worldwide and is extensively collected by both public and private institutions. Throughout her career, Cole has worked internationally on commercial projects and has created several large-scale commissions, including installations for the atrium at the M. Lau Breast Cancer Centre in Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital and for Trump Hollywood in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Her series, Underworld, was exhibited at the Canadian Embassies in Tokyo and Washington, D.C. Cole has won prestigious awards such the Grand Prize at the Festival Internationale de la Photographie de Mode in Cannes, and third prize at the International Photography Awards in New York. In 2012, the acclaimed documentary series Snapshot: The Art of Photography II featured an episode devoted exclusively to Cole’s photographic practice. Barbara Cole lives and works in Toronto, Canada.