Semana Santa de Salamanca

PhotographerAngela Scolaro
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo DateApril 2009
Entry Description

Holy Week in Salamanca (Semana Santa de Salamanca) is the most important religious and cultural event of Salamanca, Spain. It is celebrated during the week leading up to Easter. During Holy Week, processions of beating drums, penitents, and floats of wooden sculptures narrating scenes of the events of the Passion of Christ make their way through the narrow streets. Some of the sculptures are several centuries old. Hundreds of penitents or "cofrades" take part in the parades, walking the old streets of the city with crosses, flags or candles. Thousands of people, locals and visitors, attend the events.

About Photographer

A Jersey Shore native and current day New Yorker, Angela is a life long lover of travel, food, amazing photography, and all things culture. As a teacher for nearly ten years, she led student travel programs across the globe. This was a unique experience that afforded the opportunity to travel to truly exotic parts of the earth and take with her some of her most memorable experiences to date. Since that time, she has grown both personally and professionally, but her love for travel remains unchanged. Big or small, she never lets an opportunity pass to capture those awe-inspiring experiences on camera.