Kingdom's Edge

PhotographerRichard Humphries
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySt Albans, United Kingdom
Entry Description

Kingdom’s Edge represents my journey documenting Thailand’s deep south region. Through this work I examine the complex intricacies and subtle incongruities of daily life in South East Asia's deadliest conflict. I have found a region that teems and bustles with life and culture. A region of trade and commerce, of young people and free wifi. A place where tudong clad girls ride four on a motorbike, where twice a day people freeze to the sound of the national anthem, and where the call to prayer fills the air five times a day. It is a complex society that is both Muslim and Buddhist, Malay and Thai. It is both old and youthful, calm and restive. Through this visual narrative I present a timely and alternative view from one of the world’s most underreported conflict zones, a largely forgotten pocket of territory at the farthest edge of the Kingdom of Thailand.