Life is But A Dream

CompanyDoris Ferrarese Photography
PhotographerDoris Ferrarese
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

"Life Is But A Dream" reminds us of the importance of stepping back and observing from a distance. It offers a feeling of inspiration which can be gleaned by a glance across generations; the older foursome on the far left, the middle-aged main observer in the forefront, the younger self-absorbed women on the immediate right, and the two oblivious, fun-loving young kids on the far right. This game of life presents us with challenges every moment of every day. Yet, we can maintain a feeling of peace when we understand, it is up to us to choose how we move through these challenges; with fun-loving grace, or with great pain - it is a simple choice and it is ours alone.

About Photographer

Doris feels success has been achieved, when viewers of her photographs can feel that exact moment captured; they can feel themselves there, simply through her eyes. She has often been described as full of energy and passion very soon after initial meetings, with an innate ability to see what most people miss. In the last few years, it's been Doris and her Nikon D810 travelling the wilds solo; sidestepping up the tallest dunes in North America, hiking 211 miles with a final step atop the tallest peak in the lower 48, hiking every marked and unmarked trail around a live volcano, climbing over fallen trees through ethereal gorges, and rolling out of her truck at four in the morning, in icy temperatures, to hike to the top of a lookout for that breathtaking sunrise. As a Vancouver, Canada-born city girl, she often found her summer months spent in the country; whether in remote corners of British Columbia, or at nonna's house nestled along the colourful Venetian plains in northern Italy, surrounded by the craggy peaks of the Dolomites. Her drive is a glimpse of her nonno's drive; he'd climb out of bed at four and head to work along breathtaking trails less travelled, then come home late at night, visibly spent - but always, with a glint of passion in his eye. Life took a dramatic twist in 2014, after Doris bumped into a renowned volcano photographer. He reminded her of her first love - the full frame camera. 2015 took the next blessed bump; this time with a renowned American Nikon Ambassador, who taught her the art of creating stunning, tack-sharp compositions. This gift of profound encouragement, has spun her around 180 degrees and is now empowering Doris to pursue full-tilt - life as a Professional Fine Art Landscape Photographer.