PhotographerTibor Kércz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryErd, Hungary
Photo Date15.02.2017
Technical InfoNikon D4, 4/200-400 mmm
Entry Description

These charcoal-like images were captured on the snowcovered fields of Ontario, Canada on an overcast afternoon in February, 2017.

About Photographer

My adventure with nature photography has started in 2013 when I bought my first DSLR camera,since that my way of life radically has changed, as I spend all of my free time in nature, passionately searching for unmemorable moments and for natural beauty world-wide which I wish to record by enframing them into a soulful picture. I am opened for different technics, for artistic and esthetic approach in nature and wildlife photography. I have participated in numerous exhibitions, I have won few awards in various international and local competitions, several of my photos has been published in nature magazines and books. I like the whole procedure of the nature photography: from planning period by thinking on new creative ideas, on special scenes through spending excited hours, days and nights at chosen site shooting the dreamed frames as far as the post-processing job when the desired final result come out…but the most favorite part is – then the time and the whole world stops around me- when I release the shutter in a right moment…