Enigmatic Bodyscapes

PhotographerChris Kirby
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyChris Kirby photographer
City/CountryHindringham, United Kingdom
Photo DateFeb/March 2017
Technical InfoCanon 6d
Entry Description

“Enigmatic Bodyscapes” is from a series and editorial feature about contemporary dance in today’s South Africa. South African contemporary dance is an enigmatic art form that is a mix of many influences, such as: ballet, ball-room, dance theatre, jazz, tap dance, Indian dance, as well as traditional tribal dances, street dances, uniquely South African dances such as Toyi Toyi, the gumboot dance, Isipantsua, Sbhujwa and afro-fusion. During apartheid, contemporary dance championed the causes of freedom and democracy for the majority black population. Today, it stages performances in theatres in Johannesburg and Cape Town to enthusiastic audiences - with dance performers from all races. Dance schools, although struggling for government funding (as are all the arts in South Africa), are springing up across the country led by talented dancers and choreographers, many of whom have lived, trained and worked overseas.

About Photographer

Chris Kirby's photographic practice encompasses documentary and fine art. He was admitted to Kingston College of Art and Design (UK) and later obtained a diploma in journalism from the British College of Journalism. He specialises in the areas of: culture and identity, beliefs and religion, socio-economic issues, marginalised communities and aspects of daily life. Chris photography has been exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA, has featured in numerous print and online publications, and won recognition in international awards. He lives in Norfolk, England