PhotographerBruno SENECHAL
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySEVRIER, France
Photo DateFebruary 28th, 2015
Technical InfoD4S 500mm F8 1/3200 ISO 500
Entry Description

Harp Seal (Mom and few days old pup) – St Lawrence Gulf pack-ice – Canada in winter. Every year like a secular journey, the frozen waters of St Lawrence Gulf become during few weeks, the theater of the most beautiful spectacle of nature and animal life. It is the annual return of Harp Seals, coming from Arctic waters, after a long journey of several thousand kilometers since the North, coming for giving birth to their young ones on the ice. Pups are born with a yellowish coat, and turns white after 3 days, when they are then referred as “White coats”. Scientific name of this specie (pagophilus groenlandicus) means ICE LOVER, from the Greek words Pagos meaning the ice, and Philos meaning Loving. Among all the the pups on the pack ice, females recognize their own one by the smell.