Joy Of Childhood

PhotographerMohammad Rahman
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCanberra, Australia
Photo Date08-11-2016
Entry Description

To human being, their childhood memories are pleasant. In these photographs, I captured joy of childhood which haunt me like a passion. When we look back to those days of our early childhood, we can see the playground we used to play, the tree we used to climb and etc. All of us wish to go back to those time whereas none of us could get it back. I thought this would be great to use this idea to show the respected art seeker the different view of the Bangladesh and its people.

About Photographer

Mohammad Rahman is a hobbyist Landscape photographer from Bangladesh, living in Australia. By profession he is a software developer. He loves to capture the variation of the light. The simple composition but in panoramic format, is his passion.