PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLONDRES, France
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoPHOTOGRAPHY - visual art
Entry Description

I waited three years before I saw the shadows. They appear underwater. Water is the place where my roots sediment. What are these shadows? Forgotten memories? Cellular ghosts bathing in between two shores? Roots of a strange life emanate from them. Somewhere else, out of the water, there may be a body, a being. Work is in progress here, so slowly that the rhythm is imperceptible. It goes back to time immemorial. In silence, only calm surfaces.

About Photographer

« Writing, directing and photographing...For ten years, Karine Zibaut has been working her way through the forest of creation. With filming, she has found a camera lucida enabling her to ward off the oppressing walls of emotions. Through these bubbles of light, characters come and go, embodying days full of life, incandescent fears or nights haunted by the gaps of the past. Karine Zibaut is a woman who creates and gives birth to texts and images in a world where women are still meant to work, entertain and mother. But still too rarely to think a world where the different parts of femininity are reconciled. The power of her work sprang with the bliss of “Body and Soul” from which a first book came out. From texts to films, to happenings, a nebula is born. A universe is coming to life. A work of art, already.. » Bénédicte Philippe /Journalist