PhotographerJohnny Kerr
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJohnny Kerr Photography
City/CountryAvondale, United States
Photo DateNovember 2015
Entry Description

Ambiguity is a study of Antoine Predock's Nelson Fine Arts Center. I exploited the ambiguous forms and shapes of his featureless stucco façades, compressing the three-dimensional architectural elements into two-dimensional graphic planes to reveal new relationships of harmony and tension. My pastel color palette is inspired by the building’s southwest geography, and is a challenging departure from my typical monochromatic approach to abstract architecture.

About Photographer

Johnny Kerr is an American fine art photographer based in Arizona. His college studies and early career concentrated on graphic design, though he has pursued art in various forms since childhood. A desire to change careers in his late twenties brought him back to school to study education. Removed from the commercial sector, and creating art solely for himself once again, Johnny found a new voice in the medium of photography. Self-taught in the craft of photography, Johnny cites his lifelong study of art, his graphic design experience and his appreciation for minimalist design as having the largest influences on his work. Johnny’s work often explores the abstract qualities of his subjects, placing them, to varying degrees, outside of their literal context. His use of space reflects his pursuit of quietude. Since earning his Masters degree, Johnny makes his living teaching photography and devotes his personal time to his family and personal photography projects.