Icelandic abstract

PhotographerA. Tamboly
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyTamboly Photography
City/CountryCairo, Egypt
Photo Date01.2017
Entry Description

Iceland is one of the most uninhabited countries on earth, with 330,000 inhabitants Iceland is the European country with the least humans. It's harsh and beauty nature is unique. 11% of iceland consists of a glacier that spread over 100km from the south of the island till the middle zone. Iceland is one of the countries which is seriously affected by global warming. It's glaciers are melting and shrinking significantly each year. Jökulsárlón Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most visually attractive places on earth. The lagoon lies at the bottom of Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier below sea level and is filled with huge chunks of ice that keep breaking off the glacier. As these icebergs flow toward the Atlantic, they often wash up on the lagoon's black-sand beach.

About Photographer

A. Tamboly received his first camera when he was a child. He grew up experimenting with the miraculous device, and learning to experience the world through its lens. Through these experiments and plays, he gradually developed his own artistic vision of the world, his sensitivity towards the ways in which it is portrayed. Tamboly received his Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Adverstising, publishing and printing in 2001. Tamboly held his first solo exhibition, “Motion and Silence,” at the Photo Cairo Festival in 2003. Since 2002 Tamboly has been active in the art scene in Europe and worldwide, as he participated in different contests, solo and group exhibitions, salons and festivals. Tamboly has also been actively collaborating with artists from other fields, such as fashion designers and musicians like Papa Roach and Beatsteaks. In challenging the sharp division between art and design, Tamboly is devoted to bridging the gap between the two, especially, to exploring the potential utility of an artwork. With his photography, Tamboly works to activate the utility and applicability aspects of his artwork in a social context by linking it to a historical background, a social phenomenon, a cultural dilemma, or a political event. In his works, Tamboly often works with dramatic lights, intense colors, diverse palettes, which through the years of artistic practice become the signature of his photography, and his expertise in collaboration. Among the prizes and awards Tamboly received, there were the photography prize by the French Cultural Centre In Rencontré de l’image Festival in 2005, “200 Best Advertisement Photographers Worldwide” by Lürzer’s Archive in 2014/2015, and “Best of the Best Photographers 2014” by Oneeye Land in 2014 and in November 2014 he won the third price in the talents competition at the Bildsprachen.Surprise me Plattform in Gelsenkirchen.