21st century self-portrait

PhotographerLamuel Chung
Prize3rd Place in People / Self-Portrait
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date20/4/2017
Entry Description

With the emergence of multi-device technology, smart phone has become our most intimate machine ever in human history. People nowadays can hardly “survive” without using their smart phones. It has changed the way of how we perceive and communicate with the material world. We now speak through the social networking sites and observe through the lens at the back of the phone. As the world perceived from smartphones is different from real-life experiences, people act, think and speak differently with their phone. The increasing reliance on digital devices reinforces the inconsistence and creates tension between the two perceptions; therefore tearing the self apart. We have become unfamiliar with our own self. The splitting of mind and alienation of individual self become one of the biggest challenges brought by progressive modernity nowadays. The self-portrait hopes to draw concerns on how “the self” is being manipulated and constructed by technology.

About Photographer

Lamuel Chung is a Hong Kong based landscape and travel enthusiast. Influenced by his anthropological background, he believes the best photograph could only be taken with in depth relationship between the photographer and the subject. After finished his first degree in Chinese University of Hong Kong, he is now pursuing his master degree in Environmental Managament Science in the Univeristy of Queensland in order to develop a more intimate relationship with the landscape he shoot.