Gramps the Vamp

PhotographerJacob Watts
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJacob Watts Photo
City/Countrychicago, United States
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

These images are from two concepts for the "Doom-funk" band, Gramps the Vamp. Accompanied with respective portraits, the first scene shows the band landing on a strange alien planet, while the second scene shows them telling spooky stories by the campfire.

About Photographer

Jacob Watts is a photographer and Photoshop-wizard based in Chicago. His work consists of imaginative and surreal works from his own images. Harnessing his photography and retouching skills, his ideas comes to life as he composites many images together. Watts grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and quickly migrated his way to the city where he now resides. He tries to create a new image everyday to stay on top of his game and push his creative limits...when he's not watching X-Files.