Building A Universe

PhotographerJacob Watts
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJacob Watts Photo
City/Countrychicago, United States
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

I remember being very young when I first saw the Pleiades star cluster. Peering into the summer night sky, watching the faint lights twinkle, I wondered why no one else around me seemed fascinated with it. That night burned into my memory and my interest in the cluster emerged again as an adult. Research revealed to me that many other people were fascinated with it: almost every other civilization for thousands of years had their own mythology about the Pleiades. The story was told in many different ways, but a common thread involving the Seven Sisters was ubiquitous. Believing that this ancient story should be given new life, I wanted to create my own version to pass on its tradition of storytelling. Building A Universe is a modern retelling of the mythology of the Pleiades and the Seven Sisters in the realm of science fiction.

About Photographer

Jacob Watts is a photographer and Photoshop-wizard based in Chicago. His work consists of imaginative and surreal works from his own images. Harnessing his photography and retouching skills, his ideas comes to life as he composites many images together. Watts grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and quickly migrated his way to the city where he now resides. He tries to create a new image everyday to stay on top of his game and push his creative limits...when he's not watching X-Files.