Nigel Farage Smoking a Cigar

PhotographerCharlie Clift
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date28/01/2016
Technical InfoCanon 5d Mark iii
Entry Description

Politicians divide public opinion but few more so than Nigel Farage. Celebrated and criticised in equal measures Nigel Farage is often a subject of exaggeration in the media. I aimed to capture the personality behind the public persona. The pleasure he takes in the cigar and his buoyant smile encapsulates the self-confident politician we have seen rise to power in the last years.

About Photographer

Charlie has dangled CEOs upside down, gone undercover with drug cops and discussed peace with Nobel Prize winners. His drive is to tell personal stories with a twist of the unexpected. He works globally for a range of editorial and commercial clients including the BBC, BAFTA, The Sunday Times Magazine, Wired, the Premier League, Samsung, AXA, The British Council and many others. To keep things fresh Charlie always has a personal project on the go. From a portrait of British emigrants to capturing the spirit of his neighbourhood, he experiments with different ways of telling stories.