The way to school

PhotographerKiHeon Son
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHongik, University
City/CountryJongno-gu, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Life is repetition of day after day. But if you look into it closely, there is a rhythm and beauty in students’ ways to school.

About Photographer

I was born in 1989 in South Korea. i am currently majoring in photography design at the Graduate School of Hongik University. To me, “Daily Life” is the most valuable and precious theme to take photography. It is ordinary but our lives all made up of these moments. Therefore, I desire to capture that moment and share to others. My works based on monochrome style because it seems similar to ”daily life” to me. Showing one’s figure and moment in monochrome photo is what I think of “daily life”