Pure Iceland

PhotographerRafal R. Nebelski
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFoxrabbit Designers
City/CountryWarsaw, Poland
Photo Date03.2017
Entry Description

It is very hard to find quiet and peaceful place in today's Iceland. Increasing number of tourists, lot of noise. But, on the other hand - this is one of the most diversified country in terms of landscapes, beauty and unpredictable weather. The country of contrasts. A true photographers paradise. This series depicts some of an absolute iconic places in country of ice and fire.

About Photographer

My name is Rafa? Nebelski and among many of my passions, photography is the one I treasure the most. I hate divisions in photography although I agree that there are areas of specialization. In my case, there are times when I take pictures of nature, and times when I am involved in food, product, architectural or commercial photography sessions. This makes me feel happy and I don?t want to limit myself. When I stand behind the camera, the world changes - images pop up in my head and imagination works at the highest speed.