PhotographerLook J. Boden
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLook J. Boden Fotografie
City/CountryVlaardingen, Netherlands
Photo Date03/13/2015
Entry Description

An experiment in silence, in lighting, in blackness. The face expresses nothing at all... is she going to blink? Is she alive or dead? I tried to create a picture that was blacker than black. To depict the beauty of darkness and the beauty of creating an image with less lighting.

About Photographer

Look J. Boden (born 1974 in Vlaardingen) is an independent Dutch photographer, poet & performer. He studied the laws for a few years, started his own creative studio and became Poet Laureate of his hometown. He published 3 poetry books and a photobook. In 2016 he got a nomination for the Dutch Van Lanschot Art Prize and won the Get Inspired Photo Contest in 2017. Boden is active as portrait and fine art photographer. Since 2008, he has been working on a broad variety of autonomous and disturbing conceptual images. One of his main research fields is the grey line between identity and image.