The Fragility of Life

PhotographerChristopher George Huot
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHuot Photography
City/CountrySan Diego, United States
Photo DateMarch 11, 2017
Technical InfoD7000 18-105 @25mm;f/16;1/60
Entry Description

Juniper trees perk up throughout Grand Canyon National Park, acting as a reminder that life can grow anywhere regardless of climate. This juniper in particular acts not only as a symbol of life in the desert, but also as a reminder of the fragility that life has.

About Photographer

Among my journeys in the U.S., I stepped where millions have stepped before and found something that most people overlook. If you ever need inspiration, just follow the flow of air or the humming of the bees, for they know the best spots to hide. As a self-taught painter, photographer, and fictional writer, I'm pushing the limits of my talents and filling my portfolio with better quality works of art every day. I have shot countless photos in a trifle of places and I still see a lot of room to improve. My portfolio isn't just the great and the best of my work, it's everything that I've taken at one point and thought it was worth something. Looking back on my earlier work, even if it was yesterday, I see where I've gone wrong and how I need to improve my skills. By continually looking back at our work, our art, we can only hope to succeed, because without our past we are nothing.