Kryptonite ?

PhotographerYannick Lefevre
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMandelieu La Napoule, France
Photo DateMay 2016
Technical InfoLong exposure
Entry Description

Long exposure with a specific spot where the rocks is green, far away you can see the Ile d'Or.

About Photographer

Yannick Lefevre, 45 years old, i'm a self-taught French Landscape Photographer living in Cannes ( French Riviera ). I started seriously taking photographs a few years ago and immediately became fascinated by the long exposure art-work. Photography is a source of inspiration between me and the world of nature. Passionate as I am, I mostly learned by just taking and analyzing photos without lots of knowledge from the books. The self-learning and exploring method still makes it just more interesting for me.