PhotographerSalomé-Charlotte Camors
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrytoulouse, France
Photo Date2016
Technical Infopictures on sanded raw iron
Entry Description

« Paquare » is a serie of 18 pictures on sanded raw iron. I have taken these pictures during a volunteering mission on the carribean’s side of Costa Rica to protect sea turtles from poaching and clean the coast. I tryed to capture the beauty and the wildeness of this hostile environment and i choose raw iron as support like an allegory to enlight the necessity of environmental protection and moreover the need of education and care. Indeed, without proper attention, iron would oxydate. And such as these landscape, my production would slowly desappear.

About Photographer

Raised on fun fairs through Europe? with parents owning a haunted mansion, Salom?-Charlotte is familiar to travels and cross-cultural environment. After a master's degree from Panth?on-Sorbonne in economy, and a short period as a DJ in Paris, she had decided to start her own business and run it during 5 years before to sell everything and go back to university for studying Arts. Deeply involved in social and environmental issues her research are oriented on interactions between artists-productions-environment-viewers.