It's not about winning or losing!

PhotographerPrashant Naik
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAtlanta, United States
Photo Date09/10/15
Technical Info1/100 sec; f/8; ISO 200
Entry Description

Rowers rowing down the Chattahoochee river near Roswell Georgia. There is something about rowing that only those who have experienced it might know. The sheer joy in pushing against the silent waters making new waves and gliding in tune with the heart beat is something that cannot be described. Like they say, it’s not winning or losing. It’s about competition with yourself. Going out there to explore.

About Photographer

They say life is best seen with eyes half closed. For me, life is best seen with eyes half closed on to a camera's viewfinder. Through the lens, I see myriad images, shapes and colors.The unusual. The off-the-cuff. The waylaid. And the meandering. I am Prashant Naik. I've been a photographer all my life. My artistic instincts lean towards Mother Nature, the beauty of night, snapshots of travel to varied places from ground and above.