Tha Klang

PhotographerRiccardo Magherini
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRiccardo Magherini
City/CountryFirenze, Italy
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

We perceive the world as a sum of instants that, overlapping each other, merge to form feelings and memories, our very own reality. Shot all around the environment that surround the subject, in this work pictures are collected as fragments of time and space, suggesting a story, sometimes a memory of it. This image is part of a series, the 'BKK', shot in Bangkok's alleys.

About Photographer

Riccardo Magherini began doing fine art photography in 2011, after a trip to Tokyo. The numerous photographs he took became the basis for his first fine art photo series, “Tokyo”. Magherini is fascinated by the way time overlaps in the same place and his final images are a collage of different moments, presented in multiple layers to give a frenetic but painterly quality. He has since created several series using this technique. Firenze, Electric Sheep and most recently New York, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Often choosing locations with dense human traffic, his images are compositions of space and time. In a short space of time he has collected recognitions from international contests such as the International Photography Awards, International Aperture Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris, and the London International Creative Competition.