PhotographerPhilippe Liezi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDigne les bains, France
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoMedium format
Entry Description

Students of Silambam in Pondicherry, India. They are working very hard to reach their dream : to become Master of this weapon-based Indian martial art originating in Tamil Nadu. There are no graduations or exams, the two available states being Student or Master, you simply have to know in which one you stand. When the Master recognizes the Student has mastered the curriculum, only then he gives the red scarf to acknowledge him as a Master. Hence no "black-belt syndroms"! There is no competition either, the techniques are not learned blunted. It would injure the opponents as the hits would automatically reach their targets. There are sparring practices, however, but done on a progressive manner.

About Photographer

After 10 years sporting career in bicycle/triathlon around the world, I worked in mathematics research in a very prestigious team in Paris then I was a Trader in derivatives/structured products for a french bank in Paris and NY. Before to start my career in photography, I've got an European Master of Photography at Speos (International Photography School) in Paris.