The road

PhotographerEline van Nes
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyEline van Nes
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date8 January 2017
Entry Description

The interoceanic highway connecting the Peruvian coast to Brazil, was finished in 2012. Beforehand, environmentalists warned of the impact a road through pristine jungle areas would have. What they had warned of came to pass: The road proved an easy entrance for migrants from the mountains looking for economic possibilities. Wildcat gold mining, illegal logging, slash and burn of jungle areas for farming has left their mark on the area.

About Photographer

After graduating at the University of Leiden with a Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, I (1985) set out to travel and to photograph. Currently I work with a Dutch journalist through Latin-America. Together we work on stories about different cultural and social phenomena. In our reportages and in my photography, we seek to capture the personal stories, either in post-conflict areas or wherever they happen to be at that moment, to share and show the personal life stories that often hide behind the statistics.