Last days of Aleppo

PhotographerAbdalrhman Ismail
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFreelance Photogrpaher/Reuters
City/CountryAleppo, Syrian Arab Republic
Photo DateApril-December 2016
Technical InfoCanon 70D
Entry Description

Syrian government forces and its allies started besieging the remaining rebel-held areas in the East of Aleppo on July 2016, in order to take over the strategic city, the regime launched a large offensive and started by bombing heavily all the neighborhoods which resulted killing dozens of civilians including children and elderly. On December, after 6 months of deadly siege, the Assad's regime managed to reach a deal with the oppoisition to evacuate the people in the East of Aleppo (around 13,000 civilians) to rebel-held city of Idlib. The regime succeeded to taking over the whole city of Aleppo by the end of 2016.

About Photographer

I am freelance Photographer based in Syria, I started taking pictures as activist by the beginning of the war in Syria on 2011, I used my phone in documenting the Syrian regime violations and the revelation demonstrations. I have worked for local media until 2013, then I started working for Reuters in Aleppo as photographer. recently I was trapped besieged in the East of Aleppo, and I left when there was evacuation for the civilians at the end of 2016.