Rhythm Language

PhotographerConstance-V. Bozon
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A series of photographs of an Acoustic Taylor Guitar. I created a visual image description to illustrate each part of the guitar, cropped in a medium format proportion - square like. The photos are still-form shot referencing 1970's and are reflexive references to light and movement.

About Photographer

"If you grow up in a place as beautiful as Alps in France then there' s really no excuse not to become a photographer. I have been to more than 34 countries, lived abroad in both Caribbean Islands and Ireland, and I'm always on the lookout for authentic experiences wherever I travel - especially if it involves chocolate. My Grandparents gave me a taste for fantasy and an intolerance for rules." World Traveler Addict - Photographer. Motorcycle rider - Mid-Century Design Lover. Entrepreneur - Full time artist. Part time misunderstood. I was born in Annecy, Alps, in France in the cold winter months when the last snowfalls were above the city, enjoying rabbits and chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. At the age of six, I moved in Vosges ( French Mountain again) and was raised by my maternal grandparents with paper, pencil , watercolor , Cinéastes de notre Temps, French ORTF Documentaries Collection and later Le cinéma de minuit Movies... a lot of travel time between France and Czechoslovakia, chasing the sun from Yugoslavia to Italy. Experiencing these unique paradises encouraged my curiosity and set me to become an explorer and a lover of animals and nature at an early age. I have been shooting film ever since I was a kid and processed negatives in the family darkroom. My father’s photography and 8mm film-making was the first influence and I was fascinated by his Leica gear. I want to specialize in shooting medium format films, because it offers incomparable quality and looks at the images I produce. I've been filming since my childhood and I've been dealing with negatives in the darkroom of the family. My father's photography and shooting of 8mm were the first influence and I was fascinated by his Leica equipment. In a world already saturated with images, he believes that taking the time to think about what you are removing is essential. He took pictures that were alive, from my mother's chic style to the seventies and beyond. Made in France, deprogrammed in the Caribbean, rebuilt in Africa, assembled in the United Kingdom and rescheduled in Canada, I studied watercolor painting, sculpture and making at the Douai School of Art, I have been alternately Naturopathic Consultant , Political Communication Director , Developer contractor Real estate, internet entrepreneur during the last 30 years , and always a journeywoman photographer. I went back to photography late in life and jumpstarted my photography and photo retouching education by taking classes in a Canada School of Photography two years ago. It was the moment to spend time on the future and to start changing my goals: not only am I more available to my family - this is a deal with my son:) , but I'm able to organize my work to reserve time required to my family. I 'm planning to start my new business in a few months after graduating... and will create a brand new chapter in my life, that will make me happier and more available. Life and scenic drives along the incredible coast of the West Indies Region helped keep me "in tune" with nature. My travels in West Africa, specifically, introduced me to a breathtaking, raw natural world I thought was lost. Exploring national parks and botanical gardens helped keep me "in tune" with nature. At the same time, I was also learning about conservation issues like poaching, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife crime, habitat degradation, invasive species and overpopulation that were impacting both the animals and the local communities. "What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once. The photographic image... is a message without a code". Roland Barthes. "I only am responsible to any equation results from { suggestion + creation) = emotion}". Constance Bozon. I go about my work in unique ways. From visualization to daydreaming, my creative insights and complicity vantage points help guide the challenge of new ideas I tackle in a rather intuitive way. INFLUENCES: Frank Horvat, Alexander Rodchenko, Szymon Brodziak, Gregory Crewdson, William Eggleston, Walker Evans, Jerry Uelsmann, Jeff Wall. AWARDS: 2017 PPDQ Excellence Award in Reportage Photography 2017 PPDQ Merit Award in Reportage Photography 2017 PPDQ Merit Award in Nature Photography 2017 PPDQ Honorable Mention in Portraiture Photography