The Daughter Portrait

PhotographerConstance-V. Bozon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryToronto, Canada
Photo Date2012 and 2016
Technical Info5DMark II
Entry Description

Serie Pictures: The "Scream " by Munch.The first shot was my version rendering of the portraiture work from my daughter as a natural response, and the second picture: the appeasement.Taken in Toronto - 2016. The "Scream " picture by Norwegian painter Munch was taken in Oslo National Gallery - Munch Museet 2012 .

About Photographer

"If you grow up in a place as beautiful as Alps in France then there' s really no excuse not to become a photographer. Made in France, deprogrammed in the Caribbean, rebuilt in Africa, assembled in the United Kingdom and rescheduled in Canada,I go about my work in unique ways. From visualization to daydreaming, my creative insights help guide the challenge of new ideas I tackle in a rather intuitive way.