The Fisherman

PhotographerEvans Winanda Wirga
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDepok, Indonesia
Photo Date17 August 2016
Technical InfoCanon 70D, 70 - 200mm F4 Lens
Entry Description

Accompanied by the silence and tranquility, the days will be passing by until the sun take another side of the world. Going back home with the result of Day's work for the family to cherish together. Typical fisherman life around the lake Jombor in Central Java. Start either at night or early in the morning, depend on where he cast his nets out. Either under the thunder or fogs, he start to raw his boat to find where the fishes are. Faith will guide them to drift far from shore, to find the God's Gift. Rarely befriended with many colleagues, he prepare the nets to be thrown as far as he can do anyway. The prayers of his family motivate him to further row his boat offshore.